New Balance EU

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Select NewBalance from the drop down. (Automatically Selects Region)
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal: Goes through a regular checkout process.
  • Fast: Speeds up some steps compared to normal, therefore faster.
  • Direct: Will attempt to directly checkout a specific size.
Product PID: Enter the product PID here. On drop days check the specific channel!
To get a PID for New Balance you: Go to the sneaker URL. Right click the page and click "inspect". Press "CTRL + F" and type "PID", then hit enter.
Size: Normal and Fast mode checkout a random size and only uses the product PID. Direct mode attempts to checkout a specific size and requires the size PID.
Profile: Select your profile here.
You must have a space in your post/zip code if that's required for your region, otherwise the task will fail. You must at the very least have your first name, last name, address 1, ZIP / postcode, city, country and county filled in. You must also have a country code in your phone number. For example, a UK number would look like "+447483233984"
Proxies: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: Paypal: Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook. Credit Card: This method is the fastest. Paypal Express: Same as regular PayPal but puts you in the last stage of payment.
You must have the extension installed in order to checkout via Paypal.
Your task should look like this:
A correct New Balance task will show; All sizes OOS, retrying..." + "checking stock...
You should always do a test task with an in stock item and a frozen card to verify that your details are working fine.
An incorrect New Balance task will show; All sizes OOS, retrying If this status doesn't refresh then you have a proxy related issue. Please try locally, or another provider. Error submitting payment details This is a billing issue. Please double check your card details and billing address. If the error persists please try another card provider. Unable to submit shipping, retrying This is a profile related issue. Double check your address and billing information, ensuring its formatted correctly.
Commonly Asked Questions: If you have a profile related issue, you need to make sure that you have all fields of your address filled in, including a country code in your mobile number. You must also use a space if your postcode requires it, for example a UK postcode should look like LT10 1GT
If you're running for restocks then Credit Card tasks are much faster than Paypal.