Medimax DE

*DE Only*
  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Choose MEDIMAX from the drop down
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal

Product Pid:

  • Enter the PID here. Please check the relevant channel for these.
You can also find the PID of an item by looking at the number block on it's link. For example:
Size: Select 'Any' here.
Profile: Select your profile here.
You must have a country code in your phone number. For example, a DE number would look like "+497483233984". You must also at the very least have your first name, last name, address 1, ZIP / postcode, city, country and county filled in.
Proxies: Select your proxies here. Leave empty for local Task (DE only). You will need DE Proxies. Payment Mode: Credit Card.
Your task should look like this:
A correct Medimax DE task will show; Error submitting Info - This could mean that the site is down, keep running. Selecting nearest market - This could be that the product hasn't loaded yet.
You should always do a test task with an in stock item and a frozen card to verify that your details are working fine.
An incorrect Medimax DE task will show; Error submitting payment info This is a billing issue. Please double check your card details and billing address. If the error persists please try another card provider. Error submitting shipping info This is a profile issue. Please double check your address, ensuring that it is in the correct format. Selecting nearest market This could be a proxy issue. The best way to ensure everything is okay is to do a test task with in-stock item and a frozen card.
Commonly asked questions:
  • Auto delay is fine 'Retry 1000/ Monitor 1000'
  • 'Error submitting Info' means the site is down - KEEP RUNNING
  • 'Selecting nearest market..' means the product isn't loaded yet
  • They try to cancel all orders if they find out you ordered multiple times on 1 Profile
  • Their site tends to crash, it's normal for tasks to be at different stages of checkout (i.g some are checking out while others are on 'Selecting nearest market..' still)
  • They are Heavy on Ghost Orders, you'll get a confirmation mail if you get charged.
  • Almost exclusivly revolut cards with 3ds popping up got a charge on the PS5 drop