Currys UK

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Choose either Currys (Front End), or Currys BE (Back End) from the drop down.
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal
Product PID: Enter the product PID here. Please check the relevant channel for these.
The number at the end of a product URL is the PID for an item. Backend PIDs are the same as Frontend.
Size: Select Any here.
Profile: Select your profile here.
You must use an E-Mail address that's associated with a Curry's account. You don't have to load the account into the account section in Carnage Bot just use the email associated with the Curry's account in the profile you are trying to checkout.
You should have your important address information, such as the street name / house number in address 1. Fill the rest in as per usual. You also must have a country code in your phone number. For example, a UK number would look like "+447483233984".
Proxy list: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: Credit Card/ACO: Automatic Checkout Will Pop Up a 3DS Window. PayPal: Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook.
You must have the Carnage Bot extension installed in order to checkout via PayPal.
Methods for checking out with PayPal. Method 1: When a task successfully completes, a PayPal window will open which will allow you to log in to whichever account that you would like to use. This often prompts a OTP (One Time Password) that takes some time to enter. Method 2: When a task successfully completes, you'll be a able to manually click the checkout link in your webhook. This will open the PayPal window in your chrome window, allowing you to avoid the OTP. You can also have an auto refresher to keep your PayPal logged in, allowing for a quick checkout.
Below you can see examples of what you should see.
Your task should look like this, depending on if you used Currys, or Currys Backend.
A correct Curry's UK task will show; Error adding to cart, retrying
An incorrect Curry's UK task will show either; Error adding to cart, retrying If this message does not refresh then its a proxy issue. Please try locally, or another provider. Error Submitting postal code, retrying This either means that your postcode is invalid, or the task is stuck. (As of version, this mainly happens on items that are out of stock, but available for click and collect. There is no current fix at this time.) Error adding customer You must use an E-Mail address that's associated with a Curry's account. Error, no shipping available This means the item is OOS / there's no shipping available (this error mainly occurs on the backend).
Commonly Asked Questions
How Can I Multiples Of Limited Products? In order to run for multiples of limited products then it is important to use the CC checkout method as this allows you to J1G via your profiles and you can use multiple cards.
Should I run FE or BE? FE is better for restocks such as GPUs however BE is better for limited products where there is a queue as there is no queue on the BE.