Crocs EU

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Choose your desired Crocs region.
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal: Goes through the regular checkout process.
  • Fast: Speeds up some steps compared to normal, therefore faster.
  • Experimental: Will attempt to checkout the item directly.
  • You'll be advised what to run in the relevant channel.
Product PID: Enter the product PID here. On drop days check the specific channel! Sizes: Select your desired size here.
Profile: Select your profile here.
You must have a country code in your phone number. For example, a UK number would look like "+447483233984". You must also at the very least have your first name, last name, address 1, ZIP / postcode, city, country and county filled in.
Proxies: Select your profile here.
You must use proxies, otherwise your task will not work.
Payment Mode: Credit Card: This method is the fastest. Paypal: Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook. Cart Mode: Adds the item to your cart in order to checkout manually via the web-hook.
You must have the extension installed in order to checkout via Paypal and Cart Mode.
Your task should look like this:
You could use a newsletter discount code. It's likely that it wont work on limited releases though.