Converse EU

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Select Converse from the drop down. (Automatically Selects Region)
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal
  • Preload Mode
Product PID: Enter the product PID here.
Here's how to find a PID on Converse: For Example the bold is the PID. (170799F)
Size: Select Any here.
Profile: Select your profile here.
Proxy list: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: Credit Card: Automatic Checkout Will Pop Up a 3DS Window. PayPal: Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook.
Quantity: Select how many of the product you'd like to buy. Discount Code: You can enter a discount code here for Converse.
Your task should look like this:
A correct Converse task will show;
[200] all sizes oos, retrying..