UK/DE/ES/FR Regions
Task Setup Guide for Amazon
  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Select Amazon from the drop down.
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal
You will need to manually login when you start tasks the bot will do the rest of the checkout.
Each region is limited to 5 tasks at the same time.
Please keep in mind that sessions are shared per account (two tasks will share the same cart/session)
Sometimes tasks get stuck when logging in and the login window doesn't close if this happens you need to restart the task and redo the process.
Product PID: Enter the product PID here.
You can find a PID on Amazon by locating the URL of your desired product for example.
You can easily locate the PID by looking just after /dp/ for example the PID would be B08H95Y452 you can enter this into the "Product PID" section in your task creation.
Profile: Select your profile here.
Proxies: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: Credit Card: Automatic Checkout Will Pop Up a 3DS Window. Monitor Delay:
Enter your desired monitor delay for this task. Retry Delay:
Enter your desired retry delay for this task. Price Limit:
Enter the price limit you want to set for this task. Price check is for the product (whole cart) with shipping costs. If you enter 2000 it will let you buy every product with a total shipped price below £/€ 20.00.
Seller ID:
Enter the sellers ID to checkout a specific seller on amazon. No seller id entered -> adds random seller to cart (should always choose amazon first) Seller ID entered -> specific seller can be chosen. "Amazon" as seller id entered -> will always choose sold and shipped by Amazon or Amazon Warehouse. You can find seller ids by right clicking the seller name on Amazon -> inspect element and then do CTRL F and type "seller=" into the search bar and copy the value after the seller=. Example Task Setup
A correct Amazon task will show; unable to open checkout, retrying... This means item is OOS