Alternate DE

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Select Alternate from the drop down.
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal
Product PID: Enter the product PID here.
How to find a PID on Alternate The PID is in bold (1685585)
Profile: Select your profile here.
Proxies: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: PayPal : Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook. PayPal Express : Will send a payment URL via your discord webhook.(you are able to pay CC by using PayPal express) Wire Transfer : (you have to manually transfer them the money via Wire Transfer) Fastest option for restocks.
Example Task Setup
A correct Alternate task should show; Error Adding To Cart Item is OOS Error accessing shipping Let it run it will eventually go through
An incorrect Alternate task will show; Error submitting shipping This is a profile error double check your profile.
Where Alternate Ship To