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Aldi UK

  • On the tasks page select create tasks.
  • Select Aldi UK from the drop down. (UK ONLY)
Checkout Mode:
  • Normal
You need the Carnage Bot extension to checkout on this site download here.
Product PID: Enter the product PID here.
Here is how to find a PID on Aldi UK. Get a product URL :
The PID is in bold. (000000393656000)
Profile: Select your profile here.
Proxies: Select your proxies here.
Payment Mode: Cart Hold: Adds the product to cart you have 30 minutes to complete the checkout. (via the link in your webhook)
Quantity: Here you can select how many you would like to purchase (In one order)
Example Task Setup
A correct Aldi UK task will show; [200] Product OOS, This means item is OOS
An incorrect Aldi UK task will show;