Below you can see the settings page. You are able to manage your delays, webhook, and CapMonster key.
Retry Delay This is the delay that dictates how long Carnage will wait before retrying to checkout the product. Monitor Delay This is the delay that dictates how often Carnage will check the website to see if the product is active.
Delay Recommendations. Initial Drop. If you're planning on running for a set release (something that you know is releasing at a certain time) then the default delays of 1000/1000 are fine. It is recommended that you have at the very minimum a 3:1 proxy to task ratio.
24/7 Restocks. If you plan on running 24/7 in hopes of catching a restock of a particular item, then it is recommended that you use higher delays with at the very minimum a 3:1 proxy to task ratio. This still does not guarantee that your proxies won't get banned, therefore run with caution. An alternative to this would be to just have one task running at a very high delay (60000ms+), then as soon as that task checks out you can start all of your others.
Send Public Webhook Disabling this option will prevent all your checkouts from being sent to the public success channel within the Carnage discord. CapMonster This is required to run AWLAB & Argos UK you need to head to create a account and then load funds onto the account.
On your CapMonster dashboard you will find your API key which you need to paste into the CapMonster section in the Carnage Bot settings page.